Florentine Trio

Wool industry questions


                             Bargello, Florence    photo:   misia d.

what was the change in procuring raw materials from the start of the 1400's to the end of the century ?

british wool was the best and was your original supply that raised the quality of your product ?

when did the british start weaving and cut supply or raw wool ?

what was done to substitute ?

what was the hierarchy in terms of quality wool suppliers ?

was most of the wool used for apparel ?

what determined wool quality, environment or breed ?

how sophisticated was breeding ?

what was the state of industey at the end of the century versus earlier ? 


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did they supply many wool products ?

who was the main competitors for their product niches ?

how did the wool arrive in bundles ?

how was it transported ?

what neighborhood was it delivered to.?

 first step was washing?  and rinse in arno ?

Who were the net buyers of the wool product ?

      wool guild symbol on their building, Florence

                                               photo:  misia d.