Florentine Trio

Social life questions



what kind of food was served?

small businesses.. many in a neighborhood?

how long was a laborers day?

typical to go and drink afterwards

any famous places


within the woolen industry were the female jobs done at home or did some leave home to work?


i read that savonarola's burning of the vanities tiok over an exisiting festival gathering

how often were there festivals for the people.. who paid for them, how elaborate?

were marriages arranges between different parts of the wool biz or did they stick in work groups?

did all florentines expect some sort of dowry?  

how much was typical?


i read that in his time Lorenzo apprived all marraiges that took place

   was that in certain classes?


otherwise was it a list that he approved of or did he arrange some too?

sid married couples live with the grooms family? 


at what point did they venture out on their own


did people own houses or rent?

families stay in the same neighborhood?



who constituted the middle class