Florentine Trio

Questions about the Silk Industry


was the silk industry originally main expertise in weaving ?

did the weaving change throughout the 15th century ?

was the imported silk originally come dyed or was all dying done in florence ?

was alum also needed by the silk industry as a fixative ?

what was the main end market for the silk,  apparel or interior design ?

What was florence's niche, by the late 1400's what were they doing ?


Who was Florence's main competition for its niche of the silk business ?

how did they source all the raw materials other than the worms ?

were the looms very different from those of the wool weavers:?

were the looms manufactured in florence as well ?

Started raising silkworms and mulberry bushes in Italy earlier in the century:

what percentage of production was domestic and how much silk was still imported as century progressed?

in what town were the worms raised, how big an operation was it?

even before raising own silk, the industry already famous for weaving tech.   why so successfully competitive with orient?

if best dyes came from orient, why isn't silk dyed there?

Originally was the silk expertise just weaving?

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