Florentine Trio

Ghiberti's Doors to paradise...

Lorenzo Ghiberti    1425- 52     East Doors for Baptistry of St John, Florence


Adam & Eve  -    upper left panel    1L               


ghibert panel cain and abel

Cain & Abel  -   upper right panel       1 R         

Noah ghiberti doors left 2nd highest

Noah   -  2nd highest left        2 L                  

abraham  ghiberti

Abraham right 2R  ghiberti

Abraham  -  2nd highest right   2R                   

Isaac Ghiberti

Issac  -  Middle left    3L                        

Joseph  -  middle right   3R                         

moses ghiberti

Moses -  second lowest left     4L                     

joshua ghiberti 2

Joshua -  second lowest  right    4R                    

david ghiberti

David  -   bottom right    5L                         

soloman ghiberti

Solomon and Queen of Sheba - bottom right   5R                   


                                                                                                                                                        all photos by misia d.