Florentine Trio

All those questions !

1385 Andrea di Bonaiuto, Active & Triumphant church of the Dominican order, Santa Maria Novella     photo:  misia d.

"Every answered question soon has a baby."       misia d. 


My goal is to create a setting true to life in late 15th century Florence.  I'm collecting details about the daily life of various classes and vocations of Florentines as well as social and economic trends.

International politics and religious struggles stressed the city as a whole, but on a personal level most citizen's daily concerns involved having work and something to eat.   Daily interaction with family, friends and coworkers impacted their happiness.  Merchants were concerned with commercial success and acknowledgement.  They used part of their earnings for the glory of God, their city and their personal prestige,

This mercantile city vaulted self-made merchants ahead of fading aristocrat families and these businessmen took their commitment to enriching the city public works seriously.  The work commissioned by guilds and individuals kept Florentine achievements at the forefront of European cities. 

And so the questions.  

I've grouped the questions by various topics that would help construct a valid portrayal.  These subject pods have asteriked headers.  Any answered questions or relevant background information will be positioned at the top of a subject page.  Unanswered questions will be waiting for answers at the bottom of the page.  Alas, some subject pages questions don't have any answers yet, but may provide food for thought.

I know the questions will never end, but gradually the answers will help define a 1400's experience and the  crossing of the threshold into the next century.


         detail Brancacci Chapel, S.Maria Carmine. Florence  photo: misia d.