Florentine Trio

Welcome back to the 1400's at florentine trio

A resource for 15th-century Florentines & other interested  parties



November 2014 update:

This site was created a year ago to share information about life in Florence during the late 1400's.   After the site's initial creation, I shifted my focus back to work on Florentine Trio, a novel set during this compelling period.

Several months later, I have returned to research. some of which will land on this site.  I will be posting some timelines and other "fresh" information... about the 15th century.  





* the glazed ceramic above is a recasting of Andrea Robbia's Annunciation at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow.  The original is at the Ospendale delgi Innocenti in 'Florence and is cracked in several places.  photo m.dudley